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> We welcome our new managing director, Mr Yuta Nagano and director for Precision Machinery Division, Mr Yoshihiro Tsuchiya.

Welcome to Ebara
Ebara Engineering Singapore is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ebara Corporation Japan and operates under the Fluid Machinery Division and Precision Machinery Division of Ebara Corporation. Fluid Machinery Division supplies the centrifugal pump which contributed highly to the activities here in Singapore. Engineering projects related to water and waste water was also feature in activities under Fluid Machinery Division. Precision Machinery Division manufactures and supplies equipment to the Semiconductor water fabrication and other high technology industries. Ebara is a leader in vacuum and CMP technology. 
  Fluid Machinery Products  
Standard Pumps
Pumps for building services, general Industries, water supply, sewage/waste treatment and environmental sectors in a wide variety of applications.
Industrial Pumps
General / API610 Process pump for various application in Petroleum Refinery, Petrochemical/Chemical Industry, process transfer and power plant.
Customized Pumps
Medium and large size engineered pump for application in waterworks and pumping station portable water supply, industrial / building sea and portable cooling water circulation, sewage plant water transfer, irrigation and flood control.
Air-conditioning equipment like centrifugal chillers, absorption chillers, screw modular chillers and ice thermal storage system for cooling up public facilities like buildings, shopping malls, petrochemical/chemical industry.
  Precision Machinery Products  
Component Products
Various vacuum pumps (dry vacuum pumps and turbo-molecular pumps), Clean ozonizers for semiconductor device fabrication, general-purpose ozonizers, Non-particle pumps, pure-water jet pumps.
System Products
Chemical mechanical polisher, waste gas treatment-systems, electroplating for copper interconnects, electroplating for lead-frames, clean Polishing systems, various equipment for semiconductor device fabrication, Ultra-pure-water systems, ozone water systems.
Other Services
We provide maintenance and onsite services with qualified engineers. There is also 24x7 on call services for total customer support. Ebara Precision Machinery Division has full vacuum pump remanufacturing capabilities with ISO 9001 certification.